The practice of generosity (dana) is a basic value in Buddhist culture—in Asia children are taught from the time they are toddlers the value of giving alms to Buddhist teachers, who are sustained entirely by the generosity of the lay communities to whom they teach. Buddhist communities in the West—including Boston Meditation Center—strive to keep this essential spiritual value alive in our modern culture, both by not turning anyone away for lack of funds, and by encouraging those who can to give to their capacity, so that the treasure of the dharma continues to be available to all.

At Boston Meditation Center, we rely on your generosity to support our teachers, pay the rent, and continue to grow and expand our offerings. Any offering is welcome, including one-time offerings here or at our weekly meetings, regular monthly offerings, or offerings that cover specific community costs such as rent.

One-Time Offering

For those wishing to make a one-time contribution of any amount, simply click the link below and enter an amount.

Recurring Monthly Offering

Recurring monthly offerings provide us with a stable base from which to plan for the future. Please consider becoming a monthly supporter by entering an amount in the box below and then clicking the “Donate” button—after confirming on the PayPal page, your amount will automatically be withdrawn each month. The suggested monthly offering is $60; however, any amount is welcome.

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