Managing Director

Sarah Mitchell

Sarah is a nonprofit leader, fundraiser, and human rights activist with 10+ years of experience. She is currently the Director of Supporter Engagement at the international LGBTQ+ rights organization All Out. She first came to the dharma through recovery groups and aspires to help provide those seeking freedom from the suffering of addiction with a safe and welcoming community. She has sat vipassanā retreats with monastics and lay teachers in the Theravada tradition. Sarah is also a facilitator for Boston Meditation Center, as well as a certified yoga instructor with an Astanga-inspired practice.

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Program Coordinator

Lia Houk

Lia is an artist living in Henniker, New Hampshire. She began practicing with a peer-led sangha in Boston in 2014 and then with Chris Crotty in 2015. She was closely involved with the establishment of Boston Meditation Center in 2018. As someone living with chronic illness, Lia uses her Buddhist practice as a way to reduce stress and help prioritize her many interests. She is most interested in bringing the teachings off the cushion to stay present in everyday life and continue to explore the eightfold path in action. As program coordinator, Lia is responsible for the organization of residential and nonresidential retreats, ongoing contact with teachers and facilitators, and acting as registrar for all programs.

Lia - summer 2017

Social Media Coordinator

Bailey Fulton

Bailey brings a curiosity for the crossroads of the internet and community building to her role as Social Media Coordinator. She has been practicing meditation for a little over three years, much of that spent with Boston Meditation Center, and has found it to be a deeply valuable addition to her life. She looks forward to supporting Boston Meditation Center as it expands to serve more folks. In addition to her day jobs as a barista and grocery cashier, she is a full-time student studying psychology. Her interests include (but are not limited to) questioning all of her conditioning, historical fiction mystery books, and bike riding along the Charles River.


Design Coordinator

Carol Dirga

Carol lives in Gloucester, MA, where she met Chris Crotty when he taught meditation at his yoga studio there. She began meditating and taking classes at Cambridge Insight Meditation Center many years ago, and has more recently sat retreats at Insight Meditation Center Newburyport with Chris and the Venerable Sayadaw U Inndaka. She is working on a writing project which explores how the dharma has influenced her life.

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