Mission, Vision, and Values


Grounded in the Theravada Buddhist tradition, Boston Meditation Center:

  • Preserves the clarity and depth of the Buddha’s original teachings, sustaining an authentic path of awakening;
  • Translates Buddhist teachings and practices into culturally inclusive forms that are accessible and relevant to modern-day lives; and
  • Maintains a safe environment that welcomes and invites diversity across race and ethnicity, gender identity and sexual orientation, class, age, ability, and religion.


As a vital spiritual refuge and Dharma center, BMC is dedicated to creating and guiding a culture of care, where the virtues of wisdom and kindness help sustain wellbeing for all people everywhere.


  • Kindness and wisdom: We cultivate the virtues of kindness and wisdom through our practice, and explore how to apply them to decision making in the areas of programming, organizational development, and community care.
  • Ethics: We emphasize ethics as a foundational component to awakening. Teachers, staff, and students support each other in ethical development in order to realize its transformative potential, and for the purpose of nurturing caring relationships.
  • Equity and inclusivity: We are committed to the non-discriminatory teachings of the Buddha, who taught that awakening was attainable by all. We acknowledge that offering a safe and diverse space is contingent upon our own willingness to engage in deep personal reflection, receive feedback, and commit to education that explores the interrelationships among race, class, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, and ability. By connecting these social realities to the inquiry into human suffering and its alleviation, this way of teaching and practicing the Dharma brings ancient practices oriented toward personal freedom into conversation with the truth of systemic inequity so prevalent in the modern world.
  • Generous giving: Generous giving (dana) sustains a mutually supportive relationship among teachers, staff, and the wider community. The practice of dana allows BMC to offer a range of fee options for programs, turning no one away on account of limited means, and allows students and community supporters to express heart-qualities that promote awakening while investing in a vision for a more kind world. The practice of dana is central to a vibrant volunteer program which provides opportunities to focus one’s own practice in service of the Dharma.
  • Financial stewardship: We are transparent and responsible with our financial resources, and maintain an engaged and consistent donor base. We are committed to financial stability organizationally and fairly supporting teachers and staff.
  • Authenticity: We encourage authenticity, welcome different views, and believe that interpersonal and organizational transparency strengthens understanding, connection, empathy, and trust.